How to create new XML export in productXport component

If you need to create new XML export from your e-shop, let's show how to do that. We will create as an example export for Google Shopping/Merchant (although this export is already in the basic installation - it's really just example).

This HOWTO is the same for FREE and PROFESSIONAL version.

Open component productXport - Server Manager

click at "New"

enter the export name and choose type (XML)

We need to know the structure of the XML export now. Of course, it's good to know it before you start this creation. If you need simple XML format like this:

You can use quite simple filetype setting:

But! This google has different (more complicated) format. The specification is here:

There should be this setting:

XML header line:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<rss xmlns:g="" version="2.0">

 XML footer line:


Product/item XML element:


Let's go to the most important setting - fields of export. Go to the tab "Fields setting".

Choose the requested field from the selectbox "--choose field--" and select the choise to put this field at the beginnig/end of the current list.

Rename the field tag to your requests (it depends on the reguested application usually) and follow the field setting (if any).

Start with the field g:id ( ). The contant may be Product SKU or internal product number (virtuemart_product_id). We do not recommend to use Product SKU, because VirtueMart allows duplicates or it can be even empty. If we want to use virtuemart_product_id, Choose this one from the list. Save the setting.

It's good opportunity to test the basic export - if it works. Open first tab "Basic setting". At the bootom there are URLs wich you can use for the export.


Take one of those URLs (the search engines usually don't mint the format of export URL - whether it is SEF or not) open the new browser window a put this address there and load. We can use any URL which works. Note.: in case some of the URL works but it redirects automaticaly to another, it; good to use the new URL AFTER redirect. If none of the URL works, try to find the problem within your SEF setting of Joomla! installation. The output in the browser Google Chrome should look like this:

We can continue with the next fields setting using the same way as the g:id - choose the field you wish add to export, add this field to the end (or beginning) of the list and make setting of this field. Don't forget to save the setting from time to time. Final setting for Google Merchant may look like this:

One note for the additional setting - Category delimiter. If you need to put delimiter between parent and child category, google use the character: >

It is good to put one space before and one space after - of course this space is not visible, but it is there.

Try the export again. If it is ok, use this export for your needs (i.e. enter the export URL to Google merchant setting).

That's all! Quite easy, isn't it?




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