Component productXport is available in two version.

Export all of published products in VirtueMartu Ano Ano
Export all the products or just in stock Ano  Ano 
Export all the products or with defined price Ano  Ano 
Possibility to add new export with variable format Ano  Ano 
Limit of exported produkts by server capacity (usually between 1.000 and 2.000 products) almost no limit 
Export of custom fields  Ne  Ano  
Export products from specified categories only  Ne   Ano  
Export products except from specified categories Ne   Ano  
Support category tree of Google merchant Ne  Ano  
Possibility to modify main SQL query for export products  Ne   Ano  
Possibility to export other product name then in VirtueMart Ne   Ano 
Possibility to add whatever XML code to each product Ne   Ano 
Common tool for setting DELIVERY_DATE in export Ano  Ano 
Possibility to use cron for export really unlimited number of products Ne   Ano 



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